Concrete Contractors vs Asphalt Contractors.

While the differences between concrete and asphalt are subtle, it is worth noting that the two types of paving require different construction methods. Although both are made from aggregates and Portland cement, the two types of paving are largely the same. The binder is what makes them different. In concrete, aggregates are combined with water and Portland cement, and then set in a cement mixer to create a hard substance. With asphalt, on the other hand, a black, sticky petroleum-based substance is mixed with the cement to form a tarmac or runway. In short, their jobs are not the same, but the results are the same: a smooth and compacted surface and a fewer cracks.

When it comes to the type of surface sealant needed, concrete requires a quality surface sealant that prevents it from excessive cracking. However, it is important to note that asphalt does not need a coating. High-quality surface sealants are necessary every six months for concrete, while asphalt needs a protective layer of coating every three to five years. In addition, concrete needs time to cure. As a result, most Houston-area Asphalt Contractors will be closed during the coldest winter months.

When choosing a paving material, it is essential to consider the type of surface sealant you require. While concrete does not require any type of sealant, it does benefit from the addition of a quality surface sealant. While this product can prolong the life of the surface, it will also prevent excessive cracking and flaking. Unlike asphalt, concrete does not need sealant application every six months. While asphalt needs to be sealed every three to five years, concrete will require it every three to four years.

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