Concrete Foundation Problems: Causes & Repair Methods

Concrete foundation cracks are a common home maintenance problem. These cracks can cause structural damage and lower the value of a home. While there are many ways to fix these problems, some may be faster and more cost-effective than others. Below are some of the most common causes and repair methods. Read on to learn more about these issues. This article also contains tips to prevent them. This information will help you identify and fix your foundation problems.

Settlement cracks: These cracks are almost vertical and should not be confused with pressure cracks. Depending on the cause, settlement cracks may require one of three methods. Piering, slabjacking, or underpinning are some of the most common methods for fixing settled foundations. Push piers are made of epoxy-coated steel pipe and are rammed into the soil with a hydraulic ram. This method is the quickest and least expensive type of repair for a concrete foundation.

Non-structural cracks: These cracks do not affect the structure of a foundation and can be repaired using a simple crack injection kit. An epoxy-based compound is applied directly to the crack and glues it back together. It can even get into the smallest hairline cracks and is the most cost-effective method for fixing a settled foundation. While this method is the most costly, it does work well in most cases.

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