Repairing Cracks

If your patio, driveway, or any other concrete surface is covered with cracks, they are usually able to be fixed. In certain instances, concrete crack repair is an easy DIY project however, in other cases, it might require a professional concrete specialist to fix the issue. in the worst cases, the concrete might need to be taken off and replaced.

REPAIRING Small Cracks

For cracks that aren’t too severe this is how you can patch cracks and holes in concrete by using crack patching or concrete filler:

1. Chisel out the cracks to make a cut that is backward-angled by using a chisel that is cold and the Hammer.

2. Remove any loose material from the crack with wire brushes, or a drill that is portable with an attachment for a wire wheel.

3. Apply a thin layer bonding adhesive over the entire repair area with an application brush. The bonding adhesive prevents the material that is being repaired from becoming loose or bursting through the crack.

4. Mix the vinyl reinforced patching compound and apply it to the crack. “Feather” the patch with trowels, making sure it’s level with the surface.

Wide crack variations

If the crack is 1/8 inch or more The process for fixing cracks may differ. Remove the crack with a chisel and scrub loose material in the manner described above. Pour sand into the crack inside the area. Mix concrete sand with an additive for concrete, and trowel the mix into the crack. Then, twirl until it is even with the surface.


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