How Much Does Stained Concrete Cost

The price for stained concrete can be very different. For a simple application of a single color with sealer and minimal preparation, the majority of decorative concrete contractors will charge between $2 to four dollars for each sq ft. The more complex the project increases and the job gets more complex, so does the cost.

Concrete Staining Cost

Below are the typical ranges that are applicable to basic, intermediate and high-end staining projects. The cost will vary based on the area, the size of the project, as well as the cost of the materials as well as labor. 

$2-4 per square foot

The most basic staining job comprises:

  • One color
  • Minimal slab preparation
  • Final sealer coat

$4-10 per square foot

An intermediate stain job includes:

  • One color
  • Minimal slab preparation
  • Final sealer coat

Floor Seasons Inc in Las Vegas, NV.

$8-15 per square foot

An updated stain job has

  • Complex sawed patterns
  • Multiple color buildups

Concrete Mystique Engraving in Antioch, TN.

$12-25 per square foot

A top-quality stain job consists of:

  • Stencil work
  • Stains applied by hand

Can I save money by staining my concrete myself?

Cost of staining concrete

Yes, taking the DIY option will save money, as you won’t need to cover the labor cost. But, you’ll be at the risk of a rise in mistakes, slowing down the completion of the task, and not getting the finished design you’d like to achieve. We suggest that staining is done by professionals due to these and other reasons discussed in this article on staining at home in comparison to. employing a professional.

Is Concrete Staining cheaper or more costly than Wood, Tile and other flooring options?

From just $2 per square footof area, a standard concrete floor is much less than wood, tile and natural stone floors. But, as you add modifications, the cost will increase, and will eventually be similar to more expensive options such as marble or slate.

Vinyl or LinoleumBetween $2 and $10
Concrete stained$2 – – $25
Tiles made of ceramic and porous$7 $ – $24
(including laminate) and wood (including laminate)$8 – $13
Stones of nature (slate or even marble)From $20 to $50

When comparing the costs of stained concrete versus other flooring materialslike tiles, carpet or wood make sure you take into account the cost of replacement and longevity. When properly sealed and maintained, stained concrete can last for a long time and seldom require replacement. It isn’t susceptible to breaking or gouging, mold as well as water damages. Even if the stained area gets worn over time, it’s possible to be restored by applying a touchup stain and a reapplication with the protection coating.


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