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Water is an essential ingredient in all concrete mixing with cement, causes the concrete to become hydrated and build strength. However, after freshly mixed concrete is put in place, water in the form of torrential rain could do worse than it does good. Pouring concrete during rain could weaken its structure and increase the likelihood of dusting […]
Curing is crucial at all the time, but it is particularly important in dry, hot conditions. It should begin when your closing operations are complete. If you are using plain gray concrete, choose curing compounds with white pigments which will reflect sunlight. If you’re employing a curing blanket make sure to use white ones that are single-use […]
You might love the frigid winters, snowy and cold in northern Utah However, the frigid winter months aren’t kind for your concrete. There is a high chance of damage and you could find cracked, cracked, or sunken slabs on the property after spring comes around. What’s the cause? What is the cause of winter weather-related concrete to […]