Day: October 15, 2021

The price for stained concrete can be very different. For a simple application of a single color with sealer and minimal preparation, the majority of decorative concrete contractors will charge between $2 to four dollars for each sq ft. The more complex the project increases and the job gets more complex, so does the cost. Concrete Staining Cost […]
The majority of concrete stains available on the market, whether they’re made of water and chemically reactive ( acid-based) are able to be applied to both exterior and interior concrete. How do you decide the most appropriate product for your particular project? The variables which are involved are the same as those you’d think of for indoor and. outdoor painting. […]
Stain Concrete Flooring Ideas- Aspects of Concrete Stains Concrete staining comes in two broad types: chemical stains based on acid as well as water-based acrylics. Both types of stain may be applied to fresh or old , plain or colored concrete. They are especially effective in improving dull, dull surfaces. Since they penetrate concrete’s surface, the majority of […]
It’s not a common phrase when it comes to the process of laying a concrete slab. Hot weather refers to temperatures that are above 90 degrees F as well as low relative humidity or high winds. The conditions are further described in the ACI chapter 305. It’s true it’s not just temperatures in the air. In certain regions, hot weather can […]
You might love the frigid winters, snowy and cold in northern Utah However, the frigid winter months aren’t kind for your concrete. There is a high chance of damage and you could find cracked, cracked, or sunken slabs on the property after spring comes around. What’s the cause? What is the cause of winter weather-related concrete to […]